Metro Estates Profile

Many companies have tried, unsuccessfully, to replicate Metro Estates’ winning formula. The Realtors at Metro Estates are committed to serving you with honesty and integrity because we want you to be our customer for life, not just for the one time sale.

Our ability to position ourselves between the large burdensome, and often inflexible corporate real estate firms and the ma and pa operation provides our clientele with the tools they need to make prudent decisions regarding their real property and the dedicated service to execute those decisions.

Metro Estates originally started as a company focused on selling high-end real property in and around Newport Beach. We have since developed technology and relationships that have propelled us into many other markets. We have agents with years of expertise in the residential income arena. In addition we have become a designated broker handling bank owned properties for the largest residential lender in the United States.

The Realtors and support staff at Metro Estates are committed to servicing all of your real estate needs. We are available anytime to assist you.